quarta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2010

First Donors

H Corsair 1M
Templario Negro 3M
Jedusone 2M
LBarreiro 1M
Tatian'as 1M

Thank you for the donation

Plexer Fund Oficially Open

Objective: In order for the first Plex to be given players must donate isk to the player name "AzkurPT". the minimum donation being 100,000.00 isk (100k isk) and the maximum being 100,000,000.00 isk (100 Million isk) for each donation. The biggest donor will win a Plex. the donations will be accepted until reaching the maximum amount of 400,000,000.00 (400 Million isk).

Rules and Rights for the donors:

A Player can donate more than ounce for each Plex Fund.

A player can't donate more then 200 Million isk per Plex Fund. which means that if the maximum amount is breached the surplus amount will be sent to the next Plex fund.

At the moment of the conclusion of the Fund the Plex will be given to the biggest donor which will be informed trough an eve mail.

The winner as two days to make the withdrawal of his prize after the winning mail as been sent. Failing to do so will result in the Plex being given to the next biggest donor.

The donors have the right to withdrawal their donation at any time if the value of the donnation surpasses the maximum amount for the current Fund. (Only the exceeding amount of Isk will be given back)

Every donor will be recorded as the amount of the donation. The top ten donors for each fund can be searched in the Bio of the Player "AzkurPT"

With this i start the first Plex Fund.

Objective: 000,000,000.00/400,000,000.00 

(any ideas or rules can be sent to "AzkurPT" i will try to address them in time)